Ruben I. Safir
1600 East 17th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Skills UNIX, Apache Web Server administration, Networking Administration, 
C programming, Perl and Perl DBI, SQL, UNIX Script Language, HTML. PHP, Introduction to Java and C++.
Operating Systems Unix, Linux, BSDI, DOS, Windows, NT
Related Skills PageMaker, PhotoShop, GIF Animation, POV Raytracing 
Art Skills, hardware troubleshooting, PC Installation, Scanning 
Apache Administration, IP Setup.
Febuary 2000 - Present Brooklyn Linux Solutions - Consulting IT services and Computer Education
  • Education - Adult computer training at CUNY and other venues.
  • Internet Development with Apache and perl for small businesses.
  • Linux based networking infalstructure for secretarial pools
  • DNS, MYSQL, email, NFS, and SAMBA setup for small businesses
  • Specialized internet database reporting for educational facilities
  • Document tracking developement for medical facilities
September 2000 - November 2000 Scalable Technologies - Senior Web Designer and Project Manager.
  • Oversee the set-up of newly formed technical infrastructure.
  • Lead back end and front end tools development written in PHP, on Apache.
  • Installed system network, DNS and pack forwarding.
  • Wrote user administration tools and Human Resource modules for clients.
March 1999 - Present The New School - Teach Perl and Web Technologies in the continuing education program
May 1998 - September 2000 New York University - Manager of Intranet and Software Development and Project Manager.
  • Wrote numerous database driven Web programs using DBI, ModPerl and Perl.
  • Installed and imported the clinical database to Oracle On Red Hat Linux.
  • Ported an Intranet Site from a Windows95 environment to Unix, fixing links using SED and Perl.
  • Ported a DOS medical database from a flat binary Database to MYSQL RDMS using Perl. As the old database is still being used live, the port has to be repeated on a daily basis.
  • Fixed large amounts of bad data.
  • Combined it's 5 directories of data because it originally had a maximum of 32,000 patients. All five database binaries had to be combined into one MYSQL Database.
  • Designed the new schema and built a front end for the over 3,000,000 transactions using CGI techniques , modperl, embperl, javascript and Perl.
  • Installed Apache on Linux while building modules and perl extensions.
  • Instructed co-workers in the basics of Unix administration, while creating a secure web server.
  • Automated the data import to be pooled daily using CRON over IPX from production servers. 
Dec 1994 - Present Jewish Billboard and Brooklyn on Line - Web Site Administrator and Page Creator.
  • Performed webpage creation skills including CGI writing in C and Perl.
  • Currently developing a Shopping Cart with client  side administration, and accounting tools.
  • Extensive use of Perl and MYSQL on a BSDI OS. 
    ( and http://www.brooklynonline) . 
July 1997 - December 1997 Maramont Corporation:
  • Establish an Intranet with the Apache Webserver 
  • Supported about 25 machines on an intranet with Windows Clients and  a UNIX Server.
  • Designed and replaced various windows based document management programs which were constraining the corporations ability for web based technology.
  • Wrote several Perl CGI's to parse our production label database into CGI - Netscape output. This eased label  design. It permitted the use of Pagemaker to work with the specialized Zebra Bar-code printers over the UNIX print server.
  • Worked with Fox Pro 2.6a and a Database product called TRO to support and helped develop a Purchasing database on Windows 3.11 and Novel.
  • Installed and supported all cooperate software, Photo Shop, Pagemaker, Scanning techniques, Word, Lotus, ect.
June 1995 - June 1997 Medical Arts - Part-time Pharmacist
Sept 1995 - Feb 1996 Graduate Student Professor at LIU College of Pharmacy in compounding labs.
Sept 1984 - 1996 Karson Pharmacy - Full and Part-time Pharmacist.
1981 - 1987 US ARMY - Honorable discharge
June 1999 Oracle University
DBA training - System Configuration, SQL Plus, PL/SQL
Sept - Jan 1998 NYU: C++ and Unix Programming
April - Oct 1996 Cope Institute: Programming course in UNIX Programming, 
Shell Scripting, SQL, embedded SQL in C and Oracle.
Sep 1995 - Feb 1996 LIU: Fellowship and Ph.D. candidate for Pharmaceutics.
Jan 1983 - Sept 1988 LIU Brooklyn Campus: Graduate of Pharmacy

Interests and Hobbies Birds and Parrots, Art History, Local History, Jazz, NYC, Writing, Teaching Perl and HTML