New York Anti-DMCA Action on July 30

Today, New Yorkers went to the streets for the second time to demand immediate release of Dmitry Sklyarov and to protest against DMCA. We had about 20 very active and determined people. We had several signs, and we were passing flyers to the people and talked to them. As the New York Times published a very good article about the DMCA and Dmitry's case today, we were telling people to open it and read (some were sitting at library's steps with the paper). We started to collect signatures under the petition to New York senators urging them to review the case, release Dmitry and reform the DMCA. Soon, we will have the petition on site for everybody to print it out, sign and send to the senators.

Lunch our crowd in New York is a tough one, still a lot of people stopped by to talk with us about the Dmitry's case (few of them heard about it before). Practically all people I talked with were surprised to find out how far companies may go in limiting of content use ("Do you know you can read an eBook on only one computer? You cannot print it out or copy it on your notebook").