The "broader point we need to stay focused on," he added, "is what we have is a disaffected Sunni minority in the case of Iraq, a majority in the case of Syria, stretching from essentially Baghdad to Damascus. ... Unless we can give them a formula that speaks to the aspirations of that population, we are inevitably going to have problems. ...

...This President has been sniffing too much glue...

"If people can't trust not only the executive branch but also don't trust Congress, and don't trust federal judges, to make sure that we're abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we're going to have some problems here."

...where is Dan Quayle when you need him

"She noted that police made 4.4 million stops between 2004 and 2012, and frisked over 2 million people. "In 98.5% of the 2.3 million frisks, no weapon was found," she wrote"

Why does our mayor need to be told that he can not stop and frisk MILLIONS of people?

Steal This Movie - Information Wars, Then and Now

This domain is the private Domain of Ruben Safir for sometime now.

Congrads! To Shoshana Rivka Safir on her Engagement to be Married! This Chol Meod Passover, 2014 Menachum Klein has proposed Marriage to her! Mazal Tov Shani!
Newly Married Shoshana and Menachum Klein

Wedding Pictures

Esther Wallace, my beloved Grandmother who all but raised me, died this morning - July 12th, 2011 (Tammuz 10). May her soul join all of Israel in Jerusalem..

Who is Ruben Safir? Good question.

Born into a poor Jewish Canarsie family in 1963, Ruben is a life long Brooklyn resident from a long line of Brooklyn Residents. Currently a father of 6 children, all from the same wife, divorced, and a huge Free Software advocate. He is a published author, programmer, teacher, speaker, political activist, Pharmacist, and father.

With a long NY heritage this is a photo of the family just before coming to America.

Post Family from 1905 - Ruben's Great Grandmother Rose Post (later Rose Barcan) is the second from the left on the top row

There is also the Safir side of the family. Many of the Safir's are spread far and wide in the country, even close relatives who He's never met on my father's side of the family. If your related to Morris Safir or Nathan (Emile) Safir email me and He'll share with you some decent lost photos. And we can also take.

There are also some Ginsberg's, Barcan's, and Postofsky's floating around the family tree. Email if interested.

His Children's names are:

Dovid and his first fish. Shani in the background.

A list of some of todays biggest anti-semetic bigots

Latest Fishing pics


That being said the love of Ruben's life was, aside from the kids, his 94 year old Granmother, Esther Wallace, of blessed memory, who we couldn't say enough about. Her 90th Birthday was January, 2007. This is by far the most beautiful women on earth, and she made great oatmeal. If your were ever lucky enough to be around her kitchen table at 7AM, you had a once in a life experience. She was by far the most insightful, intelligent conversationalist I'd ever met, and had 90 years of archives to which she exploited as a teacher, friend and confident. Here is a movie of Esther's Museum. It it you can give you a small sense her compasionate charm and loving touch. About half way through, you'll hear a frank, unflinching, conversation about her age and death. At the end she pulls out a surprise. There is a companion movie as well, which covers more of her personal collection.

Here is a small Gallery of Esther's Art Collection

Ruben has a fettish with computers. A life long programmer, he began web design in 1995 for his own website the now defunct Jewish Billboard. He then began writing for

Brooklyn On Line

writing and designing the vast majority of that website until about 2003 after which a dispute with the sites owner, Brett Wynkoop, errupted over Brett's domain name squating and other unsavory activities. You can see his work with the pages on Coney Island, Historical Houses, many communities, news, the Aquarium pages, the Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn Archeology, Marine Park and Floyd Bennet Field pages and MUCH MUCH MORE. Chances are if you see kids on that site, they're mine

Along the way he help many Brooklyn based small businesses get their first feet on the web. Recalling back to those days, it was a very hard sell to get businesses to invest in internet presense. How the times have changed.

He helped businesses such are Medical Arts Chemist, Brauners Bakery, Judaica Tressures, Rosenzweig and Maffia, and TMM.NET get themselves up and running on the net.

There contines to be a lot of Brooklyn material on this site, perhaps the greatest repository on the net. One needs to have the patients to walk through the galleries of photo's, texts and movies. There is a near complete documentation of Williamsburg in the photo directories.

This is a lost section for Williamsburg which has been removed and is now a part of history.

Cobble Hill Brooklyn on Bastille Day July 2007
The New Developing Coney Island Web Site

Mayor Bloomberg's Phone Number Is 212-772-1081
I tell you this because he's not taking phone calls any more.

Ruben remains active in a number of important political and educational organizations. He founded NYFairUse. He founded NYLXS, was, at one time, one of the important Free Software organizaions in the nation. He teachs computer programming, once for the New School and then for NYLXS. He has particular expertise in Perl, C and GNU/Linux.

Occasionally he gets to take in a Pharmacy Conference in San Francisco. And when he does he gets a chance to combine Medical activities with Computer Activities.

Richard Stallman and Friends at Rick Moen's House in the Bay Area
Shoshana Safir testing the One Laptop Per Child Prototype.

Ruben's Quotes that others have Quoted

A few thigs of interest

Some amazing things Ruben would like to bring to your attention

Notary Public Locations in Brooklyn: 11230 11210 11216

Horse Racing at Sheepshead Bay